2012 – a new year with new possibilities!

Okay, so I turned 50 in September, 2011. I wasn’t afraid of it or worried about it. And my friends at work made it a fun day! I’m actually proud of where I am at now. I’m in good health, have a stable job, in a new marriage and have great kids. I’ve been exercising 1-2 times per week for the last few years, more in the summers when I wasn’t teaching. Yoga was a weekly activity and I really enjoyed it.

But my body is telling me that’s not enough to keep my tummy and hips from growing wider! Not if I keep eating, which is one of my favorite things to do!! So on December 29, the journey began without my realizing it. I started at 2 yoga studios taking advantage of discount offers and worked out 8 days in a row! I was doing mostly yoga, but a Pilates class here and there and Zumba for good measure! I had done them all before, but never anything daily. I didn’t think I would keep it up and hadn’t really intended to, but the yoga got under my skin I guess. Or the teachers. Or the all-over good feeling I was experiencing.

Now I’ve worked out probably 11 of 15 days this year. Last year I would have said only 4!

The next step is to take the 40 day challenge. I’ve agreed with myself to workout 30 out of 40 days beginining tomorrow. That means I have to do 5 days each week! That’s intense. I’m already thinking about when I go away for a 3 day weekend how can I compensate. I’m planning what class each day and packing my clothes in the morning so I can’t make an excuse that I don’t have what I need. I debated whether I wanted to take this on or if I even could manage to workout that often. But I’m learning if I focus and plan I can fit this into my life and it makes a difference in who I am!


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