Day 1

It helps that it is a school holiday. I got up, did my bible study and then went to the 915 Gentle Hatha class. What a great way to start the day. Wish I could do that every day. My neck was stiff this morning so it really helped to stretch it out and hear Zelinda’s soothing voice. My body is enjoying this regular stretching. My mind on the other hand, won’t shut up! Too much time to think. Thinking is good except when it’s about a problem with another person that you can’t fully share with. Well, one step at a time.

Yesterday, they took our pictures at the kickoff meeting. Will be interesting to see how my face changes in 40 days. At home I thought I wonder how my weight will change. I would love to lose 10 pounds and have a flatter stomache. So I weighed in this morning and I’ll check back maybe weekly or maybe just at the end. We’ll see.

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