Day 4 – 730 Relax & Restore (3rd class)

Oh my goodness! I’m like melted butter. I could hardly make it to my car I was so relaxed. What an amazing way to end the day. My body and my mind loved it.

It was so interesting. Emily had us do isolated toe movements. Move the big toe this direction and the toes the opposite direction. I hadn’t done that before. There was also a great flowing movement where we went from table, to a lunge forward, then back to table and then downward dog. It had sucha rhythmic flow to it. A lovely feeling!

3 thoughts on “Day 4 – 730 Relax & Restore (3rd class)

  1. Sarah Cook says:

    I’m with you. That was a great class last night. The relaxed feeling carried over into today for me.

  2. bellissimom says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed ladies! Keep up the energy and effort toward your challenge. It will pay off so much in so many ways!

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