Day 7 – Class 6 – Hatha with Emily


It was a master class. Sunday morning at 915, what can you expect, maybe some stretching, deep breathing. That would have been good enough. But instead, Emily shared such needed wisdom. I kept thinking, shush mind, the master is speaking. Lots of explanations about how to move into positions and what parts of the body should be working. Discussions about breathing, but using our chests in some cases, rather than the belly. I wish I could remember all the proper terms. I really do. I have great intentions during class. I think I will go home and look words up or blog immediatly. But life gets in the way and before you know it, 4 hours have gone by before I’m home. And then actually 11 hours before I can sit and reflect.

I am truly proud of working out 6 of 7 days. But as I’ve said, it’s not just a workout, but a journey of growing awareness of my body and my mind. How they can work together or against each other. I’m looking to get to the point of harmony, but we’ll see.

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