Day 16 – 9th Class, Hatha I/II Kalena

Back to class! Well, today was a 2 yoga day. I’d been out of town since Friday. I’m very lucky to have a fellow elementary teacher who does a class on Tuesdays after school. She has a gentle voice and I’ve always appreciated that she has class right at school – no traveling! But since I’m behind on the 40 Day Challenge, I took off for The Yoga Room as soon as her class was finished to make the 5pm class. I needed credit for another day! Kind of crazy, but that’s a sign how much I’m enjoying it and getting used to it. It felt strange walking up to the door as if I had been gone a million years instead of just 4 days.

Kalena has such a lovely voice and her practice was so different from the one I had just attended. My body enjoyed them both and didn’t complain like I thought it might. I’m even thinking about doing Kalena’s workshop on Saturday – the Love Workshop! I’m also thinking about buying new yoga clothes as a reward for all this hard work I’ve been doing. I deserve it. Might even make my husband pay for it, an early Valentine’s Day present.

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