February 3 – Day 19, 11th Class, Hatha I

It is interesting how my schedule revolves around yoga now! I intended to go to yoga today, but had to flex which class I attended as my scheduled activities were adjusted for me. It was wonderful that I had 3 classes to choose from and I’m so happy I didn’t have to miss class. We just received an email that this is the halfway point of the 40 day challenge. Really, already? Doesn’t seem like it could be, especially when I only have 11 classes. Sounds like I’m getting competitive doesn’t it! There’s not a prize, but it has become very personal that I want to do the 30 days. I’ve made the committment to myself and I want to keep it.

In the email it asked a lot of questions about how things are going and how we’re feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually. I think it’s all good. I’m not a changed woman yet, but I am really enjoying the focus of attending class regularily and giving myself that freedom for an hour each day. I can’t say that I’m less stressed or that I handle it better than I did before. I still have a lot to learn. But there’s only been one day when I didn’t want to attend class. Too stressed, too tired, to cranky! Probably better for everyone that I stayed away!

New pose for me – Rock Star. Can’t say that I felt like one, but it was fun!


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