Day 23 – 14th Class, Hatha I/II

No  violence to yourself. That was the word of wisdom tonight. For some reason I kept thinking about “no prisoners”, I don’t know why. But seriously the idea was to not do harm to yourself, not push your body harder than made sense, than was good for it. Be gentle and loving to yourself. And it’s a good thing this was brought up because there were some really difficult moves! Again some I hadn’t done before. Lots of balance, up on the toes stuff. Really good and interesting.

I pulled another 2 in a row classes, but they were very different and I was on easy on body for the second class, knowing I had reached my limitations in some areas for the day. But I really loved the feeling of the super stretches and feeling my body more limber than it had been an hour previous. It’s a good thing!


One thought on “Day 23 – 14th Class, Hatha I/II

  1. bellissimom says:

    Great insights Tammy! I am glad to hear you are recognizing and honoring boundaries within yourself. Self discovery and growth is one of the many wonderful opportunities of pracctice!

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