Day 24- Gentle Yoga

I made another class! Tired, stressed, uptight in my shoulders. And of course I felt better when I left. It is a magical space to enter and have these amazing people use their soothing voices and careful instruction to melt away our worries, even if just for a little while. This is becoming habit- forming. I’m scheduling my life around classes.

But I did get some grief from my 14 year old son tonight, how I’m never home and I didn’t pick him up from school again. Of course when I am home he doesn’t want anything to do with me. As annoying as it was that he was trying to lay down the guilt trip, it was also somewhat enduring. He’s still my baby and wants my attention, on his own terms of course. I am so concious that he’ll be off to college before I know and then never be a daily part of my life again.

So even though I’m on a tight countdown to 30 classes, I may end up missing class tomorrow if my baby still needs me!

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