Day 30 – February 14 – 20th Class!

Well, it has been a busy few days since I last posted. Saturday was the Partner Workshop. Very cool, not only did we do moves together, but we learned some massage techniques and smelled some lovely essential oils! It was a little strange having my husband there. I wanted him there, but at the same time it was like letting him in to my private world. Not that I mind, but it is amazing how territorial you can get, or maybe it’s just familiarity. Anyway he enjoyed the class as well.

I followed up with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday classes – all equally wonderful. Last night it was the Hatha II and my body was exposed to new challenges. And a new crowd at 730. Interesting, again, how different each class. Tonight Kalena taught us 4 students in a semi-circle around her. She had candles and she read love poetry. But the best part was that we did a Flip the Dog! A new one. It sounded rather illegal and naughty, but it was much easier than it looked. I was so excited I came home and did it again for my husband. He was not so impressed. Oh well!

2 thoughts on “Day 30 – February 14 – 20th Class!

  1. Zelinda says:

    Oh my! I need to learn about this Flip the Dog pose. Can you show me next time I see you?

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