Day 34- Saturday, 915, Class 24 and counting!

Okay, we’re into the home stretch! I’m kind of getting an obsession with making sure I get to class. Thursday night I was running late for the Relax and Restore class. I was yanking jewelry off in the car, pulling my socks off at the light and just hoping that the door wouldn’t be locked when I got there. It was very full, but Emily was very kind to let me in and move over to make space for me. Elizabeth gave up her blanket. Everybody was welcoming and didn’t make me sit in the middle by myself! I did do yoga in my work clothes though. Thank goodness for stretch pants. I’m so glad I made it. It was the perfect ending to a crazy day. I couldn’t have scripted it any better.

On Friday I made it to Kalena’s 5p class. There were only 3 students, but were were so lucky to do the Breath of Joy! Very cool, can’t wait to show my friends at work. I think it would be a great addition to our team meetings!! Also she sang her mantra. She was talking about it one minute and then suddenly she broke into verse. Lovely notes piercing the quiet of the room.

Saturday, I made it out in the rain for the 915 class with Zelinda. It was worth it. Lots of legwork. I was thinking about the dancers I saw the night before, Pilobolus. They were amazingly athletic,artistic and had gorgeous sculpted bodies. I thought for sure they must do yoga in addition to all the other workouts they must do.  Check them out – .

I did eventually get that bath in that she recommended. A great day!

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