What a wonderful gathering! I guess I hadn’t thought about what an amazing thing we had done until everyone started sharing their perspectives on the 40 Day Challenge. They were open and insightful and made me so happy that I stuck it out and was part of such and inspiring group!

It’s funny, I started to get a sore throat on the way there and it got worse and worse as the night wore on. I didn’t feel bad at all during the way. It was really a surprise, but all I wanted to do do was go home and go to bed.  Was my body saying “no more yoga, please!” or were allergies finally catching up with me? We’ll “no more yoga” is not an option, but I will take a break this weekend. Just a little one.

My next challenge, although a very short one, is taking a trapese class. Doesn’t that sound like fun? After I booked it, I watched a video and realized how high up you have to climb to do it and started having second thoughts. I hope I don’t chicken out. But it sounded like a fun and crazy thing to do and it was half off!

2 thoughts on “Post-Party

  1. Zelinda says:

    Wow, the trapeze sounds like a lot of fun! I saw the Groupon a couple of days ago.

    Allergies have been miserable this month. When cedar is high I get a sore throat. Maybe you are having allergies. I’ve had good results with the homeopathic allergy medicine from Boiron. It’s called Sabadil and I get it at Sprouts. It seems to work better for me than Claritin.

    Thank you for sharing your practice throughout the 40 Day Challenge, and thank you for sharing your insights via this blog. It’s been quite a journey! Get some rest and I hope you feel well soon!

  2. Tammy Conrad says:

    I saw your comment awhile back and just didn’t get a chance to reply. I loved the challenge and felt like it has helped me grown in many ways!

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