Made it to class today. My body said a big “yes” as my feet hit the mat. Two days off from moving and my back was starting to get stiff. Just like with writing, if you’re not doing regularly, it doesn’t flow with ease off your fingertips. Afterwards I was tired, but happy. Happy with my practice, happy with myself for making the effort. Same with my writing. I’m really tired right now and almost forgot, but I’m so happy I found some discipline to keeps on establishing a routine of writing. Just like with yoga, writing will become, once again, a daily part of my life!

3 thoughts on “

  1. mayawoodall says:

    Love the yoga writing comparison–how true!

  2. Glad you made the effort and I to am trying to establish this both exercise and writing as part of my routine.

  3. dawnaguilar says:

    Establishing routines are tough. I think I heard someone once say it takes 30 days to really set a routine and make it a habit. You have successfully completed a week! How awesome is that? It is important to celebrate small victories. 😉

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