The sun will come out!

Yesterday was an emotional day, but I made it. My mountain is still standing. I know there will be more storms, but I’m finally realizing that if I trust my instincts and have faith, I’ve already won the battle. Prayers help too!

It is the second day of Spring Break. As a teacher, I am overjoyed at having a whole week to catch up at home and to just have fun, be on my own schedule and sleep! Of course as a Type A personality, I’m trying to schedule my week so I don’t miss any opportunities, don’t forget anything. And I want to write. 

I’m loving this challenge, I’m already getting into the habit of daily writing. It’s good, coming at a great time, when I really want to put my thoughts down on ‘paper’. And I need the practice!

So, I am looking forward to the sun shining on me this week. Warming me, coaxing me out of my comfort zone. Who knows, maybe I’ll even wear shorts!

3 thoughts on “The sun will come out!

  1. Jaana says:

    Shorts?? I am not sure if we will get to wear them at all this year. Kudos for you for writing every day! Have a wonderful vacation!

  2. Shorts sound divine! I can’t wait for shorts weather. I hope the sun shines brightly for you.

  3. makablaze says:

    I like the mountain metaphor. It’s warm in Colorado,too. i should have at least worn cropped pants to Zumba class, but I”m not ready to bring out the legs yet. Good luck.

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