In full swing…

Monday of Spring Break and it’s all starting to come together. I made some calls and got some appointments, so now the week is shaping up. I like that in yoga too. I like the teacher to tell me what position we are going into, not just give directions. Guess that’s the control freak in me. I want to know where we are headed. Same with my week off. I can’t have no plans and let things happen. I’m too afraid I’ll miss something and then feel like I cheated myself. I don’t have to schedule every minute and I can be flexible and adjust as needed. But I like a framework to build the week around. When I know I’m headed to Warrior 2, then I don’t have to think about what my body is going to do. It already knows the movement required. So know I know what’s required this week. The good news is that it does include fun and relaxation!

One thought on “In full swing…

  1. Great metaphor. I like knowing the destination in yoga & life, too. Doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the journey, just helps me know where we’re trying to get.

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