Being new again

They came in with their shoes on. I didn’t say anything, but the owner noticed. They were new, they didn’t know. “What do I need?” another one asked me, “I’ve never done this before.” It is easy to forget what it’s like to be the new yoga student or new kid in class or just the new homeowner on the block with a tight social network. There are usually no signs or manuals handed out to make transitions easy. But there are people who usually step in to help. That happened this morning. The owner gently guided the three young moms to the shoe rack and I did advise my mat neighbor of the necessary tools for class. And then I listened to their excitement as they shared why they were in class with the group that day. “I’m from Boston, visiting my daughter. I’m 60 and this is my first yoga class.” I’ve been sick and my body always hurts. Will yoga help me feel better?”  “I’m so happy it’s spring and I’m here to start fresh!” Sometimes we take for granted the sheer joy of the activities we’re doing. Even if we really like them, just the ‘daily-ness’ can make it seem ordinary when it in no way is. Yes, today was my 30th yoga class in almost 40 days, but it was not ordinary by any means. It still feels wonderful and cleanses my soul each and every time I enter the doorway.


One thought on “Being new again

  1. readsomuch says:

    I’m a yoga newbie, and I can feel the difference it’s making in my body. This slice neatly captures a moment in time.

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