I made it!

32 yoga classes in 40 days! I am proud of myself and glad I made the effort. My body’s happy and my mind is too. It is such a great all-around activity. Medical studies have shown the benefits as have yoga teachers. Last night at our celebration, the participants shared their successes. It was so inspiring to hear the stories. Some yogis met the goal and some didn’t. But everyone had a story. Some had tears. One even shared her negativity about the process. She became obsessed and didn’t allow herself to achieve the calmess and clarity so many others did. I say she still had success. She came to the realization that she didn’t need to stress out about getting to yoga class. That was the opposite intention of the challenge and of her deciding to participate. It was a learning process for us all. Even those who had done it before. I am in such a good place mentally right now. I can’t imagine going back to only one or two classes a week. My body expects me to be on the mat daily. My mind needs me to be. And who knows, maybe it’s helping me to get this writing done daily!

2 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. BoydenAmy says:

    funny that I signed up to take a yoga challenge with a friend for every day in March. It coincides with the slicer challenge which is challenging and helpful all at once! Great! I like that you wrote “but everyone had a story”. It is a process isn’t it, living, learning, growing, even as adults.

  2. Dana Murphy says:

    I tried yoga once recently – i really liked it but I never made the time to get back. i should. I so envy the peace of mind that I always hear yogis talk about. I need that.

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