Trying to get back in the routine of school is a little tough this time. Actually the week is going well with the students, I’m just really tired and not wanting to get up in the morning! Not so unusual for me. I would love for school to start at 10:00 am instead of 7:45 am and still be done at 2:45. Fat chance!

I’m realizing that skipping yoga for a second day in a row isn’t helping either. I thought I’d give myself a break yesterday and then today I was just lazy. I’ve got to make it tomorrow. I haven’t missed 3 days in a row in a really long time. There are good things about having routines. I do think we really need things to maintain some necessary order. I’m maintaining my daily writing which is very gratifying. I’ve just got to get back to my other routines. Wish me luck!

One thought on “Tired!

  1. showgem says:

    I wish you luck! I have been negligent about my yoga practice as well, I put it off, but each time I get back into the routine I feel so much better.

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