In a moment, everything changes…

“I have to go. My little brother died.”


“I’m sorry. I’ll clean stuff up, but I gotta go.”

In an instant his world changed. This man I didn’t know was grief-striken. He needed to leave, but he was trying to finish his job, do the right thing. I wanted to do something, say the right thing, offer some comfort, really I wanted to give him a big hug. Give him a shoulder to lean on.

This was the contractor I hired to install a sprinkler system in my yard. I did a little research and got a couple of bids, but I hired him because I liked his style. He was easy-going, laid-back, but seemed to know his business. I wanted him to do the job. 

I kept trying to get him to leave, telling him I could handle putting things away. Go be with your family. He did finally.

Again, I don’t know him, but I still feel grief for him and his family. It still kind of kicks you in the gut to realize that we aren’t in control. No matter how much we think we are, there is a higher power. And he has a plan. The Plan.

One thought on “In a moment, everything changes…

  1. jwhite9215 says:

    Life sneaks up on us at the most unpleasant moments. How blessed he was to have you as a listening ear to help him refocus on his life rather than the “job” he was on.

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