I didn’t do my writing yet!

My head has been bobbing for the last 10 minutes while I ‘watched’ a video for an online course I signed up for. I told myself I would quit at 11, but now it’s 11:13 p.m. And I’m just realizing I forgot to write today! Well, actually I didn’t forget, just didn’t start writing till 45 minutes till midnight! The good news is that I didn’t say oh well, it’s late, do it tomorrow. Same thing happened with yoga class this afternoon. I was exhausted and could have been easily talked into skipping it. But no one was around to do that dirty work so I went to class. Of course I was reenergized as I always am. It is almost magical how my body and my mind succumb to my yoga teacher letting her remold me into the better person I was at the beginning of the day. So I’m writing now, finally slightly more awake, thinking about word choice, trying to catch typos. And working on my discipline. Very important in writing and in yoga. It’s a practice they say. Getting the mat out and working on postures. So is writing. A famous author once said the first part is to get your butt in the chair and to start typing. Okay, I’m here!

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