I’m more awake tonight!

Ok, so my son was impressed. Finally!

“Your’re doing Skype?”

“No, Hangout.”

“But you don’t even know these people!”

“They’re from my school district.”

He left, no longer impressed. Oh well.

I was impressed with myself. A new technology tool to try out. I don’t like seeing myself on camera though or hearing my voice. I don’t want to know what I’m really like! It was like a conference call where everyone tries to talk at the same time and a constant echo makes it hard to understand. But when I typed my comment, everyone understood that! Actually it was nice idea. We are all taking the same online class and this was an opportunity to touch base, ask questions, share wtih each other. I may have been the only particiapant that wasn’t working at the district level or an administrator.

I’ve also worked on a lot fo apps this week to get book groups ready for my students. Edmodo, Quizlet, PowToon, Padlet. All cool options and easy to use. I’m trying to reduce the amount of papers and grading to do, but still make sure there is a high level of comprehension and interaction between the students. Now I just need to get them enough computer time to do all the fun things I’ve planned..

I do like to try new things and keep learning. But you’ll also hear me moan at times about how hard it is to keep up with it all and why can’t things just stay the way they are. What’s made this time easier is that I’ve had some extra planning time to ‘play’. Try things out and see what happens. Explore, like we want our students to.

My yoga teachers are always good about reminding us to explore, or engage our bodies where they are at the moment. Giving us the freedom to adjust poses to fit our needs. I need to be more cognizant of doing that for my students in my classroom.

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