Writing in Nature

Today my 4th graders amazed me! We are starting to read Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we looked at a portion of it which is like a poem about nature. After having them draw a picture of what they visualized, we went outside and used our senses to create our own poem about the nature around us. We are lucky to be next to a pond with ducks and a fountain and nearby woods. It was a lovely morning with lots of visual inspiration and plenty of natural sounds. We didn’t spend too long at it, but I was amazed at the beautiful imagery produced, the use of personification, sometimes rhymes. And they loved sharing with each other. It was one of those great teaching moments! I tried my hand at it too, but wasn’t as impressed with my own work.

Watch, Listen

Ripples in the pond reflect the dappled colors from the clouds.

How many different birds do I hear, chirping contentedly? 

I wish I knew their names, especially the one that just flew by, eager to arrive at his next destination.

The ducks think we’re going to feed them.

The flapping of their wings as they tumble with each other can’t compete with the splashing fountain

joining nature’s symphony of sounds and sights this cool morning.


One thought on “Writing in Nature

  1. Chris H. says:

    I think so many children feel disconnected from nature… and the world. What a wonderful activity to help reconnect while building literacy. In my “to read” stack is a text called THE LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS. You have made me remember that I need to read it!

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