Totally inspired!

I missed yoga today. Looking at the schedule I realized that the Ladies Day Out I planned to attend would make it impossible to get to any of the 3 classes offered. I always think it’s a great way to stat the weekend. Well, this event was even more wonderful. From the keynote to the breakout sessions I was inspired, amused and my eyes were open to the possibilities of God in and around my life. From the young minister who lost her mother at age 4 to the woman at 36 who ‘finally’ married a man she met 8 years previously and had an instant 17 year old son. Stories touched my heart. Tears touched my cheeks. In the end, I felt lifted high, elevated to a new level which I hope I can maintain.

I used to attend these type of events regularly when I was younger. Somehow I got out of the loop and stopped attending. I can’t imagine how much further I’d be on my spiritual journey now if I had stayed on track.

But that’s not the point. I’m on track now and not planning on getting derailed. It’s too important.



4 thoughts on “Totally inspired!

  1. showgem says:

    Congratulations on this newly revived journey. No sense in looking back since you are now moving forward.

  2. rissable says:

    Just goes to show we can get our inspiration in or out of yoga class.

  3. Sounds like you improved your routine! Missing yoga for this was obviously the right choice.

  4. ccahill2013 says:

    It sounds like you are so open to taking in new (and former) experiences. That is so great! Others might have been so focused on getting in that yoga class that they would have missed other opportunities waiting for them. Good for you!

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