Declutter, simplifing or “Thoreau-ing” as Tracy Moore says on Jezebel

I have been working on this for the last 3 moves. And that’s been 5 years so you would think I’d be about as Thoreau-Ed as I could get. I thought I had been pretty ruthless with my stuff. I had to be when moving in with another family and then into a smaller apartment. There was no room for a second kitchen table and shoe space was limited. I was okay with it. After all I was gaining relationships, people. Much better than stuff. Or so it seemed it the time.

Now the relationship is over and my stuff is gone. Or at least some it. I’m a work in progress. Like in class, some days I soar in Eagle pose and other days I can only pretend to crouch in Crow pose. And some days I have to get rid of my preconceived notions of how class should be.

Today the instructor wanted our mats up against the wall. Ok, we’ll that would be great except that there are 19 of us crammed in a small rectangular room with one wall of windows and one wall carved up with storage. But she made it work, even when the late crowd showed up and rearranging was required. “It’ll work!” she cheered. And it did. And I was glad she didn’t give up her plans. She wasn’t restricted by the place, but let her class vision guide her. Maybe she even simplified her plans a little.

i can handle that. I don’t have to go through every box by the end of the year, I can wait till the next year!

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