Planning my days…


It is fascinating to watch the instructor as she sculpts the direction of our class, minute to minute, based on the students’ needs. I know she has some kind of a plan before she arrives. And she is somewhat constrained as to what types of positions she can have us attempt by the type or level of class. But I can tell that very often she veers from her pre-determined ideas to what will be best for us on that day with that combination of people. It is a true gift that only the most practiced instructors have.

Now that school’s out, I have this urge to come up with a plan for the summer, but I also have a desire to keep things simple and be willing to flow as the wind does. I’m torn with being prepared and not missing anything versus sleeping late and doing what I want, when I want. Either way, summer will go quickly. So many projects and ideas to flesh out. Not-visited-before places and meals to eat at trendy restaurants before they go by the wayside. What to do first and when to do it?

Just like I plan which class to attend, I will plan for other parts of each day. In the end I will leave time for naps, reading on the porch and staying up late to watch romantic comedies. There will be no regrets when Septemer comes, unless it’s that I can’t stay in my pajamas all day until the next break in December!

One thought on “Planning my days…

  1. A beautifully balanced way to live!

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