What happened?

I had such determination. How did I let myself get off track? The goal was to blog everyday in June, not just the first 6 days. It isn’t like I haven’t had anything to write about since last Friday.  I’ve thought about writing, thought about how I should be writing, what I could be writing about. But I haven’t been writing.

I can come up with lots of excuses. School was finally officially over and I deserved time to chill. I’ve been traveling on the weekends to visit my sick mother (true). Summer job started Monday (but was only half a day). I’ve been out five nights of the last seven (and loved every minute of it). 

But yet I still found time to exercise most days. I got the yard mowed, the laundry done and made it to the grocery store finally. Why wasn’t I making time to write?

Writing isn’t the only area where I’ve fallen off the path this week. I’m behind in my Bible Study. I haven’t finished the Forgiveness Challenge which was also a 30 day activity. I got up to Day 21 and stopped. Did it get hard or did I just grow tired of it? I’m weeks behind in the online Immunity to Change course I’m taking. So now it’s public knowledge, I’m not perfect! I don’t meet all my goals on time.

The truth is that I probably take on too much at one time. I also enjoy life too much and don’t miss an opportunity to Sharpen My Saw. It’s not that I shirk my paid work responsibilities. I just don’t always hold myself accountable for the things I say are important outside of my work. Because it’s just me I’m letting down, I act like it’s okay to let it slide. 

I know it really isn’t. So that’s why I am happy to have the summer off from teaching to regroup and restructure my life. I love going to yoga class because I do truly feel like a better person when I leave. My body and mind both feel renewed, refreshed, ready to take on the world. It’s the same thing after a break from school. We all come back excited to start again, try new things and work with a fresh set of students.

So I am rededicating myself to pursuing all my life goals regularily. I will also think twice before I commit to something else. While I want to work on several areas, I still want to nap when I want to and sneak off to the movies as much as possible!

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