The Grass is Always Greener…

The Grass is Always Greener...

Envy seems to be an issue with me lately. Now I’m looking at my neighbors’ yards, wondering why my grass isn’t as thick, why I got the rock garden lot and when will my flowers bloom like theirs. Poor me!

Having a yard is a lot of work. Like perfecting a yoga pose, it doesn’t happen in one day. For a new yard it takes months to stablize and start looking established. I can spend a whole morning just pulling weeds, another picking up rocks, and still another mowing. And that doesn’t include the flower beds.

I have hauled mulch in the back of my P.T. Crusier for two weekends to cover up the bare dirt. Why do builders make these beds so big? I didn’t ask for that, but that’s the way it came. It will cost more than a few Margaritas to fill up the space!

I’m so glad I have time this summer to work on the yard. Despite my complaining there is a level of satisfaction that comes when I chunk the weeds, rocks, and tree trimmings in the trash (some day I’ll composte). After working for 2 hours, I stopped to lunch on the patio. The breeze was so nice for June in Texas. I actually love sitting out watching the clouds float by and the tree branches gently sway as the birds chirp to one another.

My grass is greener than it was a few weeks ago and I’ll be working it so that my envy melts away, just like stress in a yoga class.

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