I went to yoga first thing this morning and attended a class that focused on breathing and meditation, Raja Yoga. I haven’t been to this class in awhile because I’m focusing on getting a more aerobic workout. But today I was reminded how important it is to vary my classes and focus on all the important aspects of yoga.

     “Slow down and breathe”, he instructed. “Take time to mindfully do each step and not rush through the motions” That is very hard for me. Slowing down means something doesn’t get done. It means I fall behind on my schedlue. The key word here is “my”. No one else seems to care if that basket of clothes gets folded and put away except me. Or if the dryer is still full from the last load done on Monday. “Slow down, breathe in and out, let the fresh air wash over your soul.”

     I lunched with two friends and found myself at one point checking the time, remembering the things I still had to do. I could hear my instructor’s voice, “Be mindful, be present in the moment.” Yes, it is just as important off the mat as it is on. I put my phone away and started relishing the conversation, knowing that this was where I was suppossed to be right then. No where else in mind or body.


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