Practice Makes Better (not perfect)

     I’m learning, a little each day, but I’m learning. I made it to the Core Power yoga class today that I bailed out on yesterday. And it busted my butt! Oh my, was I tired at the end of that hour and sweating like a pig. I know the more times I attend, the better I’ll get at moving that quickly between the postures, but today all I really wanted to do was retreat into Child’s Pose. 

     I also have struggles at the Bible Study I attend weekly. I try to keep up with the reading each day and look up the Bible verses. I dutifully make  make notes in my book and underline sentences that stand out. But when it comes to living what it’s prescribing, I tend to struggle. I struggle to remember as often as I should to be thankful to God for the wonders he has blessed me with. I also struggle to share with the group my testimony or even my doubts. But I do listen to the stories of others and relish their deep faith. Just like in yoga class, I want to learn and grow and I look to the leaders in the class for guidance.

     And just like at the end of yoga class, even if I’m dripping sweat and exhausted, I always feel blessed when I leave Bible Study. I know I have a lot to learn and get better at, but there are some amazing, strong women to emulate. Although practice won’t make me perfect, it will make me better in both avenues of my life.

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