It’s About Connections 

Aus meeting

Funny how things work. I started volunteering for a political candidate this summer. I thought it would be a good use of my spare time and I believe in her platform. I started entering data from the people who made calls and knocked on doors on a weekly basis. Not terribly exciting most would say and I agree. But the enthusiasm of the volunteers is. And it’s catching!

Learning something new is wonderfully appealing to me. I can see now that I’ve never really been involved in politics or even been as politically aware as I thought I was. I am now reading all the coverage on both candidates, looking at websites and Facebook posts, attending conference calls and meetings, and now I am a member of the Team. Data Captain to be exact (I’m waiting for my uniform). My once-a-week turned into two or three times and I don’t even mind because it’s about the connections.

I was asked to drive one of the volunteers to a regional meeting we were attending. I thought I had seen her at one of our events, but didn’t really know her. We had a great conversation on the way there. But I didn’t make the connection until she looked over my shoulder as I was catching up on Facebook and saw a post for a yoga t-shirt with a catchy slogan.

I love yoga. Me too! Where do you go? Me too? Small world!

That’s why she looked familiar. So not only are we connected by our desire to make a difference in our community, we are both transforming our bodies and our souls with a mindful yoga practice.

We learned so much during the day-long event and it was wonderful to have a kindred spirit to talk to on the way home. The more I interact with Marleen, the more I appreciate her contributions. She’s retired, in her sixties and still does not hesitate to walk the neighborhoods on Saturday mornings to talk with potential voters. This is a big deal in Texas in the summer. It’s hot out there by 10:00 am and she puts in two hours every Saturday. She inspires me and I hope many others to join our campaign.

I didn’t realize it until I started thinking about my connection with Marleen, but this campaign is full of connections for me. Last night, I found out that the woman who hosted our weekly event also volunteers at the school I work at. She is a retired teacher so we had plenty to talk about in addition to the campaign. My daughter got her degree in Political Communications and she has friends who have worked with various political campaigns both before and after graduation. One of her friends was leading a training conference call I listened to the night before. Again, my world grows smaller and more connected.

Now I’m reminded that I’m not just working on this political campaign to elect a person that I think is best for me, but the one who will be the best for my community and all the residents of the state. No matter their wealth, education level, job status or their sex. We are all connected in this community in one way or another. Just like Marleen and me.

Round Rock Team