I got my homework!

I missed the second weekend of Yoga Teacher Training. I went to the retreat instead, but I will need to make up the two days later. I picked up the handouts today and I’m a little nervous. Anatomy & Physiology:  the Sensory and Respiratory Systems and the Organs. Sounds more medical training. Can I handle this? Just glancing at the sheets, I see a lot of vocabulary I will need to work on!

On another note, I have to say the contentment, or santosha, from the retreat is still around. I arrived home to find my AC not working at all and the house at 80 degrees. But instead of getting stressed about it, I turned the ceiling fans on high and made sure I stayed in those rooms. I also found the number to call the next day. It wasn’t an emergency and it could wait. Once I found out it was under warranty and they could come out today, it was smooth sailing. Of course, it did get up to 86 inside before it was all fixed, but it was done by 6:00 pm and I could head to yoga and return to a cooling down home. Life is good!


Yoga retreat done now…

What an amazing experience! I got up this morning an hour early to walk on the beach before our first class. At first I was disappointed when it was still dark a little before 7:00am. But I walked anyway and I watched the seagulls and felt the cool water lapping at my feet.

And then, before I knew it, the sun peaked out from behind the voluminous clouds. Bits of pink reflected in the water. The walk was a great chance to reflect on the week. My body needed the double doses of yoga each day.  My spirit needed the time to build on existing friendships and maybe forge new ones.

It was so worth my time and money. Yoga and friends always are!

We’ve built a sense of community

It amazes me how yoga people make connections pretty quickly. This retreat started Wednesday and it was only a couple of days before I could sense that people were coming together. Today we were invited to the beach home of one of the attendees. She’s fairly new to the studio, but she didn’t hesitate to invite 20+ newly made friends to her house to enjoy wine and cheese. And the community connections deepened.

Roommates have become best friends. I’ve learned that I have my tribe and I like it!

Yoga is so much more than just a physical exercise. I have learned many great things in this short time together.  Evan though it ends tomorrow, I have no doubt I will continue with my learning and growing!

Amazing, simply amazing!

I will never doubt the  power of a yoga beach retreat again. It has been awesome! Yoga multiple times a day. Talking about the eight limbs of yoga in depth. So many great take aways. The eye opener was when one of the teachers said, “Rushing is a form of violence.” Wow! Although the words were a little strong, it really made me think about the harm that can be done when we are always rushing. I thought about what can I do differently next school year.

Another was “practice makes progress”. Such a different way to look at things. Perfect doesn’t exist, but we can progress, improve, get better. I’m all for that!

Day 1 of the Cultivating Stillness Yoga Retreat

Wow, that was a lot of yoga! We had an 85 minute session to start off the day. A gentle, therapeutic practice. But my back was not happy with it. If I moved too far in the wrong direction, it let me know.

Our workshop was about Self-Care. We talked about it and then we applied our learning. We gave ourselves a facial with honey, lavender and rose petals. It smelled lovely and even tasted great! First we applied the masque. Then cucumber slices were placed on our eyelids as we reclined back on our bolsters. Heavenly!

We also learned about dry brushing and got our own brush to try it out. Then we had another long yoga session. What a lovely morning!

So many ideas to incorporate into my routine. I will have to think about how much I can handle without feeling overloaded. Lots to think about…

The beach

It is its own kind of yoga.

We arrived late and missed our yoga class. But the beach was even better! We walked and walked and walked. We took our shoes off and got our legs wet. We saw crabs and kids playing. It was a beautiful evening and it was wonderful! I highly recommend it.