The Next Step in My Yoga Journey

Surprisingly, I have started Yoga Teacher Training! It has been suggested to me before by more than one person. I never took them seriously. Yes, I loved yoga, but I had desire to teach it. I didn’t think I could in any way come close to being as great a teacher as those I’ve learned from. So what changed?

It’s hard to say. The studio I practice at, has a nine month course which is offered twice a year. At some point in February, the course started calling my name. Sort of. My bank account was saying, “No, you can’t afford it”. My brain was saying, “You have too many balls in the air right now. You can’t juggle anything else.” But my heart was saying, “Hey, I’ve been doing yoga for probably eight years. I love it and I could share that with others.” I went to an information session to find out more. I trust the owner of the studio and the other teacher. They know what they are doing. They are great teachers and business owners. I would be in good hands.

I did spend time thinkng about whether I could take on a nine month course. And whether I could fit in teaching yoga classes with my regular job of being an educator. And a big one was if it was smart to put that much money into a ‘whim’. Everyone I spoke with had great things to say about their training. Not everyone ends up teaching, but they all seem to receive a great amount of enlightenment.

So May 30 was the first day of class. We attend one weekend a month, for nine months and there are six of us. It was an amazing two days. Wow, so much to learn, but it is invigorating. How lucky I am to have the time and the cash to attend. I am blessed. Once I made the decision, I was so happy about it. And now that it has finally started, I’m thrilled to be on this journey!

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