100 Day Challenge

I’m always up for a challenge, or so I think. The daily-ness sometimes gets in the way though. Do something for 100 days. Well that’s easy, I already do lots of things for more than one hundred days. Like brush my teeth or feed the cat. But there are other things like flossing my teeth; I just can’t get into a daily rhythm with that.

There are so many different 100 day challenges online. You would never run out of something to be challenged about! The city I live in has an Arts Council which is encouraging the community to begin an artistic challenge for the next 100 days. They are really encouraging any kind of activity. I’ve chosen to blog about my experience on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher. It is a great opportunity for me to reflect on the process and also get more practice with blogging.

At http://thegreatdiscontent.com/100days they are doing the same type of project. They are looking at it as 100 days of making. I can do that!

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