This teaching thing is going to be harder than I thought!

I am a Dale Carnegie groupie. Well, at least I’m in the class and working really hard to keep up with all the reading and the weekly speeches.

This week our assignment was to teach something to the class. I picked yoga breathing to show how easy it is to relax anywhere. I started off well. I can explain ‘breath in and out your nose to the count of three’. And I did have audience participation. Then I took it a step further to Lion’s pose. Now they had to release their breath with a sigh. and their tongue sticking out and eyes budging!

The kids at school love this. I used it once to distract a student who was having a meltdown in the hall. It caught his attention and he forgot he was fussing.

Back in the D.C. World, it was time to summarize in three steps and I couldn’t pull it together succinctly. Practice, practice, practice. I’ve been attending classes for years and I know how to do the moves, but I don’t yet know how to speak about it.

Good thing I have nine months to complete my training!

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