First Yoga Retreat in Two Days!

imageGetting excited! I’ve wanted to go for years, but hated to spend the money on myself. Well, I’m done with that notion. There will be yoga sessions and workshops. And we’re on the beach, so there will be surf pounding the shore and seagulls soaring overhead.


Five days to leave behind my daily life. To enjoy the here and now. Eat good food and enjoy libations. Something about getting sand everywhere is freeing. Especially when you don’t have to clean it up!

i have a new beach umbrella (hopefully it arrives in time) and a cooler. I’m still deciding what books to bring, something on the best seller list or a classic that I haven’t had a chance to tackle. Or maybe all those magazines that keep piling up!

The best part is that I get to be with friends and develop our relationships further. It seems that if you yoga together, you share memories as well as meditations together. What could be better than that!

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