I got my homework!

I missed the second weekend of Yoga Teacher Training. I went to the retreat instead, but I will need to make up the two days later. I picked up the handouts today and I’m a little nervous. Anatomy & Physiology:  the Sensory and Respiratory Systems and the Organs. Sounds more medical training. Can I handle this? Just glancing at the sheets, I see a lot of vocabulary I will need to work on!

On another note, I have to say the contentment, or santosha, from the retreat is still around. I arrived home to find my AC not working at all and the house at 80 degrees. But instead of getting stressed about it, I turned the ceiling fans on high and made sure I stayed in those rooms. I also found the number to call the next day. It wasn’t an emergency and it could wait. Once I found out it was under warranty and they could come out today, it was smooth sailing. Of course, it did get up to 86 inside before it was all fixed, but it was done by 6:00 pm and I could head to yoga and return to a cooling down home. Life is good!

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