I’m a bad person…

I didn’t go to yoga class today. I said I would. I packed my bag last night. I made a list of classes. Everything was in the car.

But after teaching all day and then waiting at the dentist and then shopping for luggage for my son who is going off to college and seeing my ex’s new fancy house with a pool in the backyard, I didn’t want to go.

i was tired, hot and little sad. Not really sad. I love my cute little green house and at this point, I can say that I am really happy for him and his new life. I’m even excited for the new adventure my son is embarking on.

I wonder if I’ll feel that way when my ex remarries on Thursday? Good thing I’ve got a comedy show booked for that night!


Yoga class tomorrow?

Today just didn’t happen. But there is still time for a modified, shortened home practice. I’m going to make it happen!

Lots of choices for tomorrow and I’m going to make one of them happen:  4:30, 5:30, 6:15, 6:45, 7:30. I can take Gentle or a Vinyasa Flow or a Hatha 1. Choices, choices, choices!

All I know is I’m packing my bag now and putting it in the car so I don’t miss my chance!

Teacher Training Overload!

image It was an awesome weekend with lots of info, but now what do I do? What’s the best use of my time? Work on my asana cards? Memorize anatomy? Schedule class observations? Yes, yes, yes! A little bit each day. And practice, a little bit each day!

Teaching Training – 2nd weekend

It has been such a long time since the first weekend of training, way back in May. I missed the June weekend, but I was on a yoga retreat so I don’t feel too guilty!

There is so much to learn. We are working on anatomy which I’ve never studied before so it is a little intimidating, but also very interesting to learn how our bodies work and why they react the way they do. We also worked on some core poses and giving minimal instructions to get in them. You really have to stop and think about how to get someone in a pose safely with as few words as possible. The instructor says we will come back and add on the advancements and modifications later. It is really hard to leave them all out now.

I can’t wait to see what we cover tomorrow!

My Body Talks…if I Listen

Yes, it does. It tells me I didn’t stretch before I started walking. Or I’m really too tired for another TV show. It also tells me there’s something going on with my left shoulder and my right hip. It tries to warn me before it gets too bad. And I really do try to listen. I think I’m taking care of my body, as best I can anyway given my hectic life. But since this is the only one I have, maybe I need to slow down and reevalutate if I’m doing the best I can.