Why do we like some yoga teachers better than others?

At class yesterday, a friend said, “I didn’t go to the Sunday night class because there was a sub. I only go to classes where my three favorite instructors are teaching.”

She surprised me. But this wasn’t the first time I had heard something like this. Another friend pretended like she had the wrong class one time when she realized it was a different instructor than scheduled.

What is it that makes an instructor special? Why are some treasured and others not so much? “She knows me and my body,” remarked one friend. “I love her soothing voice,” was another reply.

I know that for awhile, I too, avoided a teacher. She was young and probably a fairly new teacher. She was a little hesitant at first and often her voice was so low and soft it was hard to hear. But I have noticed now a few more months down the path that she is more confident and purposeful. And she has a smiling heart!

What kind of yoga teacher will I be? Probably much like the teacher I was unsure about (except the young part). I hope the studios and students will give me a chance.

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