Yoga practice doesn’t also happen just at the studio…

This is a new concept for me. I used to think I wasn’t doing yoga if I wasn’t at my local studio. I’m learning that there is so much more to yoga than just the asanas or postures. That is one limb, or part of yoga, but there are seven more. Put together, they encompass whole living, taking care of all aspects of your life, not just the physical.

The concept of self-care means that you are actively participating in keeping yourself healthly in every way. You are completely present while you doing an aspect of self-care. I’ve done dry brushing before, but I’m getting back into the habit. It feels really nice before I take a shower. The soft bristles help to remove dead skin which is beneficial in so many ways.  I also want to try toungue scraping and oil pulling. I think my dentist even gave me a scraper. I just need to find it and use it. Getting used to swishing oil in my mouth is going to be an adjustment. I just need to get brave and try it one day.

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