No Social Media Sunday

Okay, so I know I’m on Facebook a little too much. Especially when It’s summer and I’m not teaching. I like to stay updated. I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. But I decided yesterday that I wouldn’t go on it at all today. I had lots to do anyway and didn’t need to be wasting time on social media.

It is a form of self care, but  I didn’t set aside today as a day of rest recognizing it as the Sabbath. I did go to church, but I worked before and after, pretty much all day on the computer getting ready for s summer school camp. I had no choice I wasn’t ready. Maybe because I was on Facebook so much during the week. And Sudoku.

I have a hard time saying no. but I did today and I think I will every Sunday. Maybe I’ll eventually get around to no technology. And who knows, maybe no working. That would be a novel concept!

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