My body thanked me and it got me thinking…

Yes, I did a short home practice today! Not as much as I really needed, but what I could fit in on a really busy day. And it felt wonderful on many levels. I was reminded that this is how I will be able to make others feel once I’m a teacher. What a gift to share!

Maybe I need to pursue private lessons. Traveling to homes to bring the joy of yoga for those who can’t get out, maybe for a variety of reasons. Could be health issues, childcare, or maybe those that don’t want to be in a public setting.

As an elementary school teacher, I’ve started tutoring in the summer, bringing my knowledge into the homes of students who need some extra help and to those who just want to keep up their skills. The need has varied by family.

I think a family yoga practice could be an interesting idea, particularly if it was geared towards particular areas. Maybe families with ADHD or other medical issues that sometimes affect social behaviors. Yoga can provide lots of benefits from relaxation techniques to confidence building.

Oh the possibilities!

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