Teaching Yoga to My Mom

I went to visit my parents for the weekend and my mom wanted me to teach her yoga. Just like that! Well, I’m thinking, what can I share just like that? I always love Legs Up The Wall, so let’s try that. The first trick was finding empty wall space. She has a lot of stuff!

Then the floors were wooden and she had no mat, so we had to get something soft to lay on. Then the dog didn’t want to leave her or me alone. I’ve never done yoga with a dog licking me before! I demonstrated the move and then she tried it. It struck me how different the pose was for her. For me it is something so very familiar that I just do it. But she had never done it before and it felt strange and I think maybe even a little overwhelming. She was feeling things in her chest that I never do.

As a ‘teacher’, I became worried that I might be causing her harm, so I had her come out of the pose (carefully). Downward Fold was more successful. With Child’s Pose I was surprised that her movement was limited. She’s had knee surgery so she couldn’t do things I take for granted.

Lots of lessons for me today in how I need to be more clear in my instructions, but also more mindful of my student’s physical limitations. This is going be interesting!

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