How Do Guys Feel?

Where I practice, there are very few men attending. Very unusual to have two in one class. I think once or twice I’ve seen three in a class. But usually it’s the one solo guy. Sometimes he’s there because his wife brought him, but not always. I tend to think it would be a great way to meet women. Not a lot of competition and you definitely can check out all your options, for a whole hour.

My studio is not a meat market by any means. Our average age in attendance is probably mid-40’s, maybe a little higher. And I’m guessing mostly married already. The owner has made one successful match that I know of. And it has been very successful! Maybe I should ask her to be on the lookout for me!!

On the other hand, maybe the guys come in for what us women do, great exercise for the mind and body. And just maybe I’m the only one whose thinking about getting lucky in the studio! Maybe everyone else is focused and meditating on world peace…

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