My first class is tomorrow!


Where¬†does the time go? I started Yoga Teacher Training at the end of May and now I will be graduating in March, just two short months away. I was starting to get a little scared about all that I didn’t know yet. But I’ve been working on my sequence for weeks and practicing it and fine-tuning it, and thinking about it. I think I’m finally ready!

Even with all the training up to this point, I still didn’t realize how hard it would be to put it all together or how time consuming. I know it will get better the more I do it. Even with a sequence from one of the many books I finally started buying, I still have to delete, add, modify to make it work for the group I will be teaching. Maybe I just haven’t found the perfect book yet. Or maybe I never will unless I write it myself after years of practice.

I am expecting six students for a 45minute class. They will be a group of very tired teachers who deserve to be spoiled. Most have been to some yoga before, but I don’t think any are regular practitioners. And that’s just fine. I’m hoping they will learn to love yoga as much as I do. I’m hoping they’ll grow to love me as a yoga teacher as much as I love my teachers.

My outfit is already packed. My props are waiting. My sequence is polished and perfectly timed. Now I can meditate on the gratitude I feel for my students who are placing their trust in me to share an amazing yoga experience with them.