I’m Teaching!

I survived my practice teaching. It was questionable at first. So much time and effort went into my first class. Thank goodness I had the Christmas break to work on it. But then I taught seven more classes within a month and half without the two weeks to plan each class. That’s when I really had to hustle. And that’s when I learned the most.

I started out trying to decide what kind of class I wanted to teach based on who was signed up. I’ve been sticking to moderately gentle and chair classes mostly. Class sizes have ranged from seven to two people.

I even made it through the Community Class which is part of my training program. Seven total strangers and the owner of the studio. Scary! I had a good sequence, but I started rushing at one point. I got nervous. But I survived and people were very kind.

That’s what’s been so amazing, the comments that students share. They are so happy to be part of class and really feel the benefits. I think I sometimes take for granted how great yoga is. I’ve been doing it a long time and I still love it, but maybe I need to remember that first-time-at-yoga-class feeling more often. It is really special when you give yourself over to the class and let the magic happen!