Congratulations to Me!

I couldn’t help myself. I wanted a present for graduating from Yoga Teacher Training. So I bought myself one!IMG_2859by Polly Beyer

It was hanging in our yoga studio and I had been admiring it for weeks. Sometimes it takes me awhile to step out and take action. Like spending money on something definitely not a necessity. Like a pretty picture. Like Yoga Teacher Training.

That was a big decision. Spending money on me. Would there be a payback?

I hung up the picture today in my office and it is worth it. I will think of my accomplishment every time I look at it. I also started logging my finances as a yoga teacher. I know it will take a long time before I recoup the actual monetary cost. I want to track it so one day I can say I broke even. Of course ultimately I’d like to show an income. But I already realize that’s not so important. I do have a full time job so financially I’m fine. But I am already benefiting from my training in multiple ways.

I’m putting what I learned into practice and it is starting to make more and more sense each day. I’ve been teaching twice a week. Although the student numbers are low, I am gaining so much valuable experience. Not only as a teacher, but also as a yogi practitioner. I’ve also shared more and more with my elementary students. We even got in the paper. Yoga in schools, imagine that!

So congratulations to me! Yes, I graduated, yes, I’m learning and yes, I’m having the time of my life!



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