Still Learning

It surprised me. I thought I knew Downward Facing Dog. After all, it’s routine, it’s done during most Hatha classes. But I didn’t know it like I thought I did. My head alignment wasn’t right. My back was slouching. I didn’t even realize it.

The joy of attending yoga class never ceases to amaze me. I always feel better when I leave, both physically and mentally. I often run across a pose I am unfamiliar with or an old favorite is taught in a different way. Or maybe I am just in a different place at the time. It is almost magical. There is no routine class experience.

This weekend it was Warrior III. I love this balancing pose and I usually am able to get parallel with the floor and sustain the pose for a few minutes. This time we did it with our extended leg behind us and the foot on the wall. It felt like a very different pose. A totally new experience.

We also did floating side plank. Yes, I need to practice this one. Fun, but harder to balance!

I hope that’s what I’m providing my own students, a non-routine practice. A magical experience. A surprise! Most of all, learning opportunities.